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Round Table Discussion in 2011


On Wednesday, June 29, the Konkokyo International Center held a Round Table Discussion on the theme: "Concepts of 'Religion' and 'Secularity' and Konkokyo - Approaching Essential Matters of the Modern World." Mr. Keishi Nakamura (translator/editor) was engaged as a lecturer. Through his lecture, Mr. Nakamura reconsidered the concepts of "Religion" and "Secularity" by using a concept of "Discipline" based on the work of Dr. Talal Asad (a cultural anthropologist) and his writings clarifying the issues of "Religion" in this modern world. Mr. Nakamura provided the attendees with three questions for the round table discussion: "How does Konkokyo make logical explanations about 'Discipline'?"; "How are Konkokyo teachings universal and different from other religions?"; and "What kinds of impact does Konkokyo make on the 'excesses' of a secular society?"

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