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Activities in Each Region

North America

Konko Churches of North America (KCNA)

KCNA works to strengthen relationships between the Konko Churches and the believers through printed matter and various functions and gatherings. These include "The Konko Review" newsletter, Regional Seminars, Missionary Women's Society Seminar, Ministers' Seminar and Education, Faith Training Institute and an annual KCNA Conference. Before the conference, the Konko Youth Camp, Young Adults' Seminar and Family Camp are also held.
KCNA also promotes the propagation of the Faith by providing information, materials, and consultation for people wishing to know more about the Konko Faith.
Each Konko Church holds daily prayer services, monthly services, Spring and Autumn Memorial services, Tenchi Kane No Kami Grand Ceremony, Ikigami Konko Daijin Grand Ceremony and conducts other rituals. Konko Ministers always serve at the Toritsugi Mediation Seat in their worship hall and perform Sacred Mediation to worshippers.
If you would like to know more about North America area, please visit KCNA's website above.


Konko Missions in Hawaii (KMH)

Supporting the Konkokyo believers and churches in Hawai'i, the KMH Administrative Office plans and holds conferences, gatherings, study groups, youth camps, workshops, and publishes the "Malamalama Newsletter," Gaining strength in its diverse and exciting youth programs, the KMH works to develop and educate their youth in order to secure their future. Once every five years, the KMH joins and works with the KCNA at a KCNA/KMH Joint Conference, alternating with a KCNA church as the host for the event.
If you would like to know more about Hawai'i, please visit KMH's website above.


In Brazil, there are six churches located in: Birigui, Sao Paulo, Rondonia, Mogi das Cruzes, Butanta, and Curitiba. In addition, propagation halls are located in Rio de Janeiro, and Juquitiba. Believers in Brazil have been growing rapidly in the last few years. The churches hold bazaars, camp-outs, picnics, barbeques, kids' festivals, and various other activities where believers and non-believers alike can get together, discuss experiences, and enjoy life.
Konkokyo Brazil Churches Association was formed in 2004, and they hold the various activities as follows.

Translation project:

A translation team holds meetings regularly to translate materials from Japanese to create propagation materials in Portuguese.

Human resource development project:

A minister in charge of human resources goes to each church every few months and holds a faith enrichment workshop with young believers and minister's children. Also, an annual believer's conference is held on the day before the Spring Grand Service at the Konko Church of Birigui. A female ministers' meeting is also held annually.
To enrich native believers, the Association sends several Brazilian believers to Headquarters for faith study and training.


The Konkokyo Asuncion Activity Center staff members hold services and faith-enrichment workshops at a believer's home every other month. A New Year's service is held with a lottery of Konkokyo teachings.
On September 5, 2010, the center held the Grand Service for the fifteenth anniversary of propagation in Paraguay.
The center is currently translating Konkokyo materials into Spanish. In 2009, a Spanish version of "Voice of the Universe" was completed and published. They have begun work with believers in Paraguay on the translation of "Shine from WITHIN", an introduction to the Konko Faith.


Konkokyo has two worship halls in Korea located in Dongja-dong and Pon-dong. Each worship hall holds a monthly service. Also, Memorial Services and Prayer Services for World Peace are conducted every year for departed ministers who propagated Konkokyo on the Korean Peninsula, and for the departed believers before World War II..
Some Konkokyo materials have been translated and published in Korean. Native Korean ministers and believers continue to make propagation materials for their community.


As the number of Konkokyo believers around the world has begun to grow, these believers, without any churches nearby, have organized to hold Faith Gatherings in their own regions since 2001. To support them and propagate Konko Faith to their community, ministers from KIC host or attend these gatherings. The gathering plays an important role for believers and guests. Those who come to know Konkokyo through the Internet can meet other believers face-to-face, and attend a Konkokyo service. Believers, scattered over a large area have the opportunity to strengthen their faith and to network with each other. The participants talk about faith, share their experiences, and give support to each other. Thus, the gatherings provide participants an opportunity to learn more about Konkokyo and deepen their faith. So far, gatherings have been held in England, Germany, Australia and other areas.

Konkokyo Gathering in London, UKKonkokyo Gathering in Berlin, GermanyKonkokyo Gathering in Sydney, Australia

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