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Churches in Japan

In Japan, there are around 1,500 Konko churches that are scattered all over the country. Each church has a head minister and there may be other assistant ministers. Anyone, believers and non-believers, is welcome to enter a Konko church. The church is usually open every day from about 6 a.m. to about 9 p.m.; however, it depends on each church. A minister is always available during this time. Konko churches are readily identifiable by the Konkokyo crest which is displayed prominently outside the church. It may be on a flag, lantern, or wall.

Office and Institutions

Konkokyo Propagation Centers and Administrative Centers

In Japan, Konkokyo has 13 administrative blocks. Each block is managed by a propagation center or administrative center.
The propagation centers in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka also collect information deemed necessary for the Konkokyo organization. They also conduct peace, social, propagation activities.

Konkokyo International Center (KIC)

Located in Tokyo, KIC gathers overseas information for Konkokyo and disseminates information about Konkokyo to people overseas. It investigates possibilities for overseas propagation, and makes proposals to Konkokyo Headquarters for international activities. It also issues a quarterly newsletter entitled "Face to Faith".

Konkokyo Seminary

This is a training institute for ministerial candidates. The one-year seminary term combines physical, spiritual, and mental exercises to prepare the students for running a church, and strengthening their understanding of Kami. While doing so, they can develop a stronger bond with Kami and ultimately save others.

Konkokyo Research Institute

Continuous research on the Founder, history, and doctrine of Konkokyo is carried out at the Konkokyo Research Institute at the Headquarters. It also serves to preserve archives and provides information to religious researchers. A scholarly journal entitled, "Journal of the Konkokyo Research Institute" is issued annually.

Konkokyo Peace Activity Center

Located in Konko-cho, Okayama Prefecture, this center is a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) active in the Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia. For more information on its activities, click here.

Konko Library

Located on the second and third floor of the Konkokyo Headquarters Administrative Building, the Library collects, houses, and lends religious books, videos, cassette tapes, and other media. General-interest materials are also available. The library is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed on Mondays, Friday mornings (reopens at 1:30 p.m.) and national holidays.

Konkokyo Publishing Department

It publishes and sells books, videos, cassette tapes, and postcards. It also publishes the Konko Shimbun newsletter three times a month. You can stop by the bookstore for direct purchases.

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