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Facilities & Map

Konkokyo Headquarters is in a small town called Konko-cho in Okayama Prefecture in western Japan.
The Headquarters is Konkokyo's religious, administrative, training, and historical center. It is where the Founder lived and founded the faith. The grounds encompass a large area with imposing buildings, research and training institutes, gravesites, and a replica of the Founder's house.
Take a virtual tour of Konkokyo Headquarters. Refer to the following map and click on the corresponding links listed below it.

Konkokyo Headquarters Map

Administrative Offices Konko Kyotosha(Publication Department) Konkokyo Seminary The Research Institute The Gravesite for the Previous Spiritual Leaders The Founder's Gravesite The Founder's Original Mediation Hall (A Replica) Faith Training Center Grand Service Hall Main Worship Hall

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Main Worship Hall

Built in 1973, the Central Worship Hall serve as the prototype for all other Konkokyo churches. Inside, the Spiritual Leader sits to perform toritsugi mediation every day. Tenchi Kane No Kami, Ikigami Konko Daijin, and deceased believers are worshipped here. Anyone can enter this Worship Hall and speak with the Spritual Leader. Although the architecture is reminiscent of Shintoism, Konkokyo is independent from its traditional beliefs.

The worship area has 228 tatami mats (4,900 sq. meters). It can accommodate about 1,500 people. The altar is on the left and the main entrance is on the right. There is also a rest area on the basement floor open to the public.

Outside view of Main Worship Hall

Prayer Service in the HallInside view of the Hall

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Grand Service Hall

The huge Grand Service Hall opened on July 20, 1959. With a floor area of 12,000 square meters, the Hall seats 15,000 people. The Grand Service Hall holds Grand Services several times a year. Believers from all over Japan and overseas come to attend the services.

Kibimai sacred dance in Grand Service HallWorshippers in front of the Hall at Grand Service day

Konko believers from all over the world attending Grand Service

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Faith Training Center

Until 1973, this building served as the Main Worship Hall. It has since been converted into the Faith Training Center. The Center seeks to help believers deepen their faith. Trainees hear lectures, give prayers, and perform various chores as part of the training. The building was built in 1925 and can accommodate 1,000 people for lectures

Faith Training Center

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The Founder's Original Mediation Hall (A Replica)

This is a replica of the Founder's house served as Konkokyo's first Mediation Hall. The Founder's house eventually became a place of worship when he began to perform toritsugi mediation in 1859. This is a replica of the house build in 1933. The well next to the house is the actual one which the Founder used.

Founder’s Original Mediation Hall

A view of the Hall from the entrance gateInside (Kami Altar)Golden leaves by the Hall in Autumn

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The Founder's Gravesite

This gravesite is for the Founder, Konko Daijin. The Founder's gravesite also includes the graves for his wife and children.

Founder's Tombstone

Believers giving prayer 1

Believers giving prayer 2

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The Gravesite for the Previous Spiritual Leaders

This gravesite is for the Reverends Konko Setsutane and Konko Kagamitaro, the former Spiritual Leader, and their family members.

Believers visiting the gravesiteFront view of the siteOutside view of the site

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The Research Institute

Established on November 1, 1954, the Research Institute conducts research on Konkokyo's Founder, history, doctrine, propagation, and other subjects.

The Research Institute

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Konkokyo Seminary

The Seminary was established on November 29, 1894 to train Konkokyo ministerial candidates. The present Seminary building was constructed in 1931. All students live in the dormitory on the Seminary grounds. Students undergo a year-long curriculum to gain the required knowledge to become a Konkokyo minister. All daily activities also become part of the training program.

Students going to the Main Worship HallMain gate of the seminaryA view of the seminary’s worship hall through the gate

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Konkokyo Publishing Department

Konkokyo Publishing Department publish news paper "Konko Shimbun" and books to fulfill Kami's wishes and convey the Founder's teachings to everyone.

Konko kyoto-sha, the publishing department

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Administrative Offices

This seven-story building is home to Konkokyo's administrative offices on the 5th to 7th floors and the Konko Library on the 2nd and 3rd floors. It also houses the offices of various Konkokyo organizations as well as conference rooms, a lecture hall, and exhibition area. Having a floor space of 7,000 sq. meters, the building opened on July 31, 1983.

Administrative Office building

Side view of the Head Office building.
Side view of the Head Office building.

Exhibition area on the first floor lobby
Exhibition area on the first floor lobby.

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