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Peace Activities


As a non-governmental, non-profit organization, KPAC works together with its counterparts in Cambodia, the Philippines, and Thailand, to promote projects in these countries. KPAC's fund-raising program is called "Give a meal" project in which participants skip meals to donate money. With this fund, KPAC provides scholarships, early child care, services for street-children, and so on. All the projects are implemented for the betterment and well-being of the children's lives. KPAC hopes to expand this project beyond the Konkokyo organization and even overseas.

Volunteers serving meals to children in Manila, Philippines


Konkokyo holds annual Peace Gatherings at various locations throughout Japan. At the gatherings, participants offer sincere prayers and discuss ways to improve their surroundings. They then work on implementing these suggestions within their communities.

Tokyo Peace GatheringHiroshima Peace Gathering

Yamaguchi Peace GatheringNorth-Kyusyu Peace Gathering

Heartful Trade Project

Heartful Trade Project is a fair trade program to support Thai people who hold the lowest position in society. This project allows the selling of handicrafts produced by mountain minority groups and people in agricultural communities. A portion of the proceeds goes back to the craft makers except for business expenses, such as postage. This project also illuminates how Japanese people's lifestyle affects Thai people's life difficulties and introduces the skill of embroidery and dyeing material.?

Heartful Trade Project 1Heartful Trade Project 2Heartful Trade Project 3

Crayon Project

Crayon Project is an educational social action program for Cambodian children. In Cambodia, there are many children who were maimed or lost their lives due to land mines and traumatized from the 1971-1991 civil war.
Through this newly begun project, hoards of crayons have been sent to the children of Cambodia in hopes that they would be able to have many dreams and smiles on their faces while drawing pictures.

Crayon Project 1Crayon Project 2

Picture Book Project

Konkokyo Picture Book Project is an educational social action program for children of Cambodia. Due to a prolonged civil war, Cambodian culture and infrastructures were destroyed and almost all picture books burned.
The staff members of this project work on translating donated picture books into English and sending them to Cambodian NGO, as a cooperative NGO for the Picture Book Project. The books are then translated into Cambodian. Finally, the books are delivered into the hands of the children.

Picture Book Project 1Picture Book Project 2Picture Book Project 3

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