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A Bright Light for Humanity

All people are children of the deity, "Tenchi Kane No Kami" (the Principle Parent of the Universe) abbreviated as "Kami". Each person is given the most precious gift of life from Kami. Our life is not one of many, but one of a kind. No life is more precious than another, making each a most valuable and priceless gift.

Although we are unique individuals, we also share a common, inseparable connection to Kami. Within each of our hearts, like the yolk in an egg, exists the virtue of Kami. It is up to each of us to cultivate this divine existence in our hearts so it will grow, expand and mature.

Gradually, our virtue can grow beyond our human limitations and selfishness and become one with Kami. In this way, we can all realize the way to true happiness and peace of mind, living in harmony with Kami.

The Konko Faith guides us to strengthen our connection to Kami and reestablish our natural mutual relationship. It guides us to work together with Kami to live a life based on universal principles and unconditional love. The Konko Faith guides us to openly and sincerely express these feelings of love in all aspects of our daily lives.

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