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The Fifth and Current Konko-Sama

Present Spiritual Leader

The Reverend Heiki Konko

The fifth Konko-Sama was born on October 31, 1934 as the eldest son of the Reverend Kagamitaro Konko, the fourth Konko-Sama. He was named Heiki Konko. After graduating from the Literature Department of Waseda University in 1958, he entered Konkokyo Seminary and was ordained a minister in June 1959. Thereafter, he assisted at the side of the fourth Konko-Sama. After the fourth Konko-Sama left his physical form on January 10, 1991, the Reverend Heiki Konko was inaugurated as the Spiritual Leader of Konkokyo on March 27, that same year.

For the past eighteen years until now, the fifth Konko-Sama has dedicated himself to Mediation for believers, praying daily in the Main Worship Hall for humanity, except on a few rare occasions. His daily service begins at 3:45 every morning, when he enters the Main Worship Hall. Then, except for limited breaks for meals and to rest, he remains seated at the Mediation Place until 4:40 p.m. when he returns home. This practice continues 365 days a year, without a single day off throughout the years. It is by no means an easy vocation.

The fifth Konko-Sama once said, "I devote myself entirely to serving Kami-Sama." He has also said, "I am not doing this because I can. I am just being allowed the training to do this nearly impossible responsibility." Here we can see that the fifth Konko-Sama is humble and openly aware of his human limitations, while exercising the utmost sincerity and devotion.

Within the fifth Konko-Sama's service to Kami-Sama lie deep prayers. At the Headquarters, he presides over the Monthly Services, the Spring and Autumn Grand Services and other services. Prior to these services, he would recite the Saishi Main Prayer aloud, before his home altar. At the passage "Tenchi Kane No Kami has sent Ikigami Konko Daijin to the people to give blessings and teachings and to have them prosper forever," it is said that sometimes he becomes filled with such emotion as to get very choked up inside. He strongly prays for Kami and people to be saved. Behind his words there must be deep wishes for us believers, beyond our imagination.

There was a rare instance in which the fifth Konko-Sama was apart from the Sacred Mediation Place. It occurred in August 2000. Konko-Sama and his wife went to Hawaii to attend the KCNA-KMH Joint 100th Anniversary Ceremony for Konkokyo's Independence. Being fluent in English, he gave a speech in English following the ceremony. The spiritual head of a religion generally dwells beyond the reach of common believers. For those in North America, including Hawaii, it was all the more so. Konko-Sama must have been revered from a distance. However, this epoch-making event made them feel closer to Konko-Sama because he came and "He spoke to us in our language."

Today, as always, the fifth Konko-Sama appears in the Main Worship Hall at 3:45 a.m. The Sacred Mediation that began with Ikigami Konko Daijin (the Founder) was handed down to his successors. Their diligent service has continued on for more than 150 years until now. Through the Workings of Ikigami Konko Daijin's Sacred Mediation, this Way of Faith saves many people throughout the world.

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