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Cultural Activities

Konkokyo Publishing Department

Konkokyo Publishing Department publishes the "Konko Shimbun" newspaper and books to fulfill Kami's wishes and convey the Founder's teachings to everyone.

Konko Library

The Konko Library was established in 1943 as a public service of Konkokyo and opened its doors to the general public in 1947.
With the Konko Faith as its base, the Konko Library strives to provide useful activities for all people of the world.

Konko Library


There are 9 schools ? a kindergarten, 3 junior high schools, 4 high schools, and a university ? relating to Konkokyo. ?These schools incorporate education about humanity based on the Founder's teachings.

Konko Gakuen students

  • Konko Gakuen Kindergarten
  • Konko Gakuen Junior & Senior High School
  • Konko Osaka Junior & Senior High School
  • Konko Yao Junior & Senior High School
  • Konko Toin High School
  • Kansai University of Social Welfare

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