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Konkokyo is a religion founded in 1859 by Konko Daijin, a farmer in Japan. It is based on his belief in and teachings about Tenchi Kane No Kami, the Principle Parent of the Universe. There are around 1,500 churches and around 400,000 believers throughout the world. The headquarters is located in a small town called "Konko-cho" in Okayama Prefecture in Japan. The current spiritual head is the Reverend Hiromichi Konko, the great-great-great grandson of the Founder. Konko means "golden light," and it signifies the desire to shine a bright light on humanity with teachings of the universe.

* All personal names follow the Japanese practice of the family name coming before the given name except when a title such as "Reverend" is given.

Name in JapaneseKonkokyo
Name in EnglishKonkokyo/Konko Religion/Konko Faith
Founded1859 in Asakuchi City, Konko-cho, Okayama Prefecture, Japan
Deity worshippedTenchi Kane No Kami Ikigami Konko Daijin
Spiritual LeaderThe Rev. Hiromichi Konko since 2021
Chief Administrative DirectorRev. Michiyo Iwasaki
Number of Adherentsaround 400,000
Number of Ministers 3,474 (as of December 1st 2021)
Number of Ministers' Assistants 1,307 (as of December 1st 2021)
Number of Churches 1,491 (as of December 1st 2021)
Including A Number of Overseas Churches and Propagation Halls
North America:14 Churches and 1 Propagation Halls
Hawaii:6 Churches
South America:9 Churches and 1 Propagation Halls

The Konkokyo Crest
The Konkokyo Crest:

See above. The kanji character for "Kon" (gold) is enclosed in a circle with eight petals. The petals signified all the directions on Earth in which the Founder's teachings would be disseminated.

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