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Chief Administrative Director

The Reverend Yoshinori Nishikawa

The Administrative Office is headed by the Chief Administrative Director (Kyomu Socho) who was appointed to a renewable four-year term by the Spiritual Leader through an advisory committee. He assists the Spiritual Leader and bears responsibility for the overall administration of Konkokyo organization. The current Chief Administrative Director is Rev. Yoshinori Nishikawa who has held this position since 2016. He became a Konkokyo minister in 1978, head minister of Konko church of Fujiidera in 2015. He is the former director of Konkokyo Osaka Center before being appointed to his present post.

Administrative Offices

Konkokyo is registered with the Japanese government as a religious corporation. The Konkokyo organization (Kyodan) is run by the Konkokyo Headquarters' Administrative Office (Konkokyo Hombu Kyocho). It is located in a tall, modern building at the Konkokyo Headquarters.
The Administrative Office consists of the following departments:

  1. General Affairs Department
  2. Church Affairs Department
  3. Outreach Department
  4. Financial Affairs Department
  5. Worship Hall Affairs Department

These departments are headed by department and section heads who are all Konkokyo ministers. There are also a number of committees which participate in the administration of the Konkokyo organization. The Administrative Office plans and executes Konkokyo's propagation, religious, and social activities. They oversee Konkokyo churches, regional offices and centers, and other facilities. They also manage Konkokyo's personnel, finances, and properties.

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