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Classification of Konkokyo Members

Konkokyo members are individuals who recognize and acknowledge Konko Daijin as the Founder of Konkokyo, believe in the doctrines and teachings written in the Konkokyo Kyoten (Sacred Scriptures of Konkokyo), and live their lives according to the Konko Daijin's teachings. No dues or donations are required to become a Konkokyo member. Konkokyo members are defined as follows:


Ministers are dedicated to religious functions and propagation activities. There is no rank or hierarchy in the ministry based on one's level of religious belief. Both men and women can become ministers.


Adherents are members who are not ministers. Adherents are registered with a Konko church.

Minister's assistants

Adherents who have completed a training course and who are actively contributing to Konkokyo propagation activities are classified as Minister's Assistants.

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