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How to Worship

The picture above shows the altar area of a Konkokyo church. The main altar dedicated to Tenchi Kane No Kami is in the middle. "The Divine Reminder (Tenchi Kakitsuke)" is displayed at the center. To the right is the Toritsugi Mediation seat where the minister sits and receives visitors. To the left of the main altar is the altar for ancestral worship. Basically, this layout is the same in all Konkokyo churches, including the Central Worship Hall at Konkokyo Headquarters.

The congregation area, called the hiromae, may have tatami mats, carpeting, pews, or chairs. Anyone is free to visit a Konkokyo church during church hours.

Kami Altar

Close-up of the main altar. The framed Tenchi Kakitsuke hangs above. Food and drink are also offered.

To worship at a Konkokyo church, first sit and face the main altar. Bow once, then clap four times. This is a gesture to start your prayer. Then bow deeply and pray or request for whatever is on your mind. It can be for business prosperity, passing an exam, a happy marriage, recovery from an illness, etc. After you finish, raise your head and clap four times again. This is a gesture to show that you have finished praying. Then bow again.

Ancestral Altar

Altar for ancestral worship. The church's deceased ministers and members are worshipped here.

Mediation Seat

This is the Toritsugi Mediation seat where the minister sits. After you finish praying towards the main altar, feel free to go up to the minister and talk about what you prayed for. The minister serves as a link (toritsugi) between Kami-Sama and people on behalf of Ikigami Konko Daijin. After listening to your hopes or problems, the minister will give advice based on Kami-Sama's wish. The minister also records your visit in the Worshipper Record Book and prays for you every day. The contents of this Worshipper Record Book is kept absolutely confidential. You can also ask the minister any questions you may have. There is no need for a donation, membership fee, etc. It is hoped that you will return home on a peaceful note.

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