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Konkokyo Kyoten Gorikai I Addendum Published


This book is an English translation of the Konkokyo Kyoten Tsuiho, published by Konkokyo Headquarters in 2004.
Kyoten is the Sacred Scriputure of Konkokyo. Kyoten Gorikai I is a collection of teachings passed down in writing or dictated by believers who heard the teachings directly from Konko Daijin, the founder of Konkokyo. The original text of this addendum was from twelve believers, discovered after the Konkokyo Kyoten was published in Japanese in 1983.
The initial English translation was completed by Konko Missions in Hawaii. Konkokyo International Center (KIC) read the translation and made some revisions. KIC then consulted with Reverend Yoshitsugu Fukushima and Reverend Motoo Tanaka, who were both involved with the Konkokyo Kyoten translation, on theological contents. KIC enlisted the help of Mr. Philbert Ono, who helped with the revision of the Kyoten, to help with the editing of the addendum. Konko Missions in Hawaii and Konko Churches of North America reviewed the final draft and upon receiving the Spiritual Leader's approval, the Konkokyo Kyoten Gorikai I Addendum was finally completed.

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