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Ministers' Children's Experience in the Philippines


Konkokyo Headquarters held an annual meeting for ministers' children from August 15 to 20. Usually held at Konkokyo Headquarters, this year's meeting was held in the Philippines. There, the children participated in a study tour, which was designed to give them firsthand experience in seeing how people are suffering in the world. This new awareness is an important step in their developing compassion for those who face daily hardships in their lives.
On one of the tours, the children visited the SRD Konkokyo Center, which is supported by the Konkokyo Peace Activity Center, and other organizations, which provide educational and psychological support for abandoned children. They also cooked curry and took the nourishing meals to feed the people living at the Payatus dumpsite. Afterwards, one of the participants said, "I was shocked when I visited the dumpsite. The experience made me realize that people around the world face many problems. I realize how blessed we are to have a house to live in, a family that care for us and to be able to eat three meals a day. From this day on, I will live my life never forgetting how precious and grateful it is to be able to live as we do every day."

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